5Paise: Making Investment Easy and Rewarding!

5Paise is a stock broking company which was started in the year 2016. It is based in Mumbai and the management is looked after by IIFL founders. Although it started out in 2016 but it has grown to be the 2nd largest stock broking companies in India by 2018. The 5Paise has a very strong presence on the internet. The company has more than 7500 customers across the country. It is also listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange and MCX, MCX-SX. The only physical presence, the company has, is the Mumbai office and a call center for customer care services. The total turnover of the company is more than Rs1200 Crore every day which is being sourced from equity trading.

The company provides financial investment services to people and keeps a certain percentage of money as a brokerage. The financial activities that can be done through 5Paise are AIFs, bonds & debentures, insurance, and personal loans, equities, derivatives, mutual funds, and commodities investments. The company operates through a website and mobile app. The popularity can be gauged by the number of downloads which is at present more than 5 million. Moreover, the documentation is completely paperless. This is a huge boon for the investors so that they can invest without hassles of documentation process.5paise operates through the process of online trading.


1.5paise is a discount stock broking company. It is available in equity, commodity, and currency at BSE, NSE, and MCX. It charges Rs 20 as a brokerage for trade, and exchange. Moreover, it does not need any Margin Money Account. Also, any customer can open a free trading account with the company and the process is very smooth.

2.The company also provides well-researched valuable advice, suggestion, and recommendation on investments in the stock market, equities, bonds, and mutual funds. This support helps anyone who is just starting out in investments, get a bird’s eye view of the financial services offered, and the profitability of it.

3.A relatively new program called the 5Paise Partner has been launched by the company. Here the company gives the customer an opportunity to partner with a broker. It also lets one start earning by referring new customers to the stockbroking company.

4.The company has introduced three types of subscription plans including optimum, platinum, and titanium. The paid plans offer privileges in terms of research, recommendations, margins, and brokerage.

5.The most popular activities other than investment in stocks are indulging in 5paisa Mutual Funds, 5paisa Demat account, and 5paisa trading platform. A charge of Rs10 is put on every mutual fund online investment through the company as a brokerage.

6.The customer care is very strong at 5paise  company. Anyone can reach out to the customer care team and solve issues regarding any matter of investment and processes. The team is available only by email, phone, social media, and the application.

7.One can open an all in one investment account to keep the mutual funds, equity, derivates, and others in one place. Moreover, a free Demat account can be opened for starting to invest in buying and selling stocks.

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