About Us

Passive income is the new trend as the concept of a side hustle is catching on. You have, for the longest time, dreamt of lazy vacations where you are sipping mojitos by the beach and soaking in the sun and yet when you check your messages, you see those sweet words: Amount has been credited. 

And there seriously isn’t a better feeling than that. 

So when your day job is paying you well enough, but not quite enough, is when passive income comes to the rescue. With Passive income by your side, you can now effectively work towards that car you always dreamt of, finally pay off your dues faster and get packing for that vacation you always wanted to go for, and fulfil many such heartfelt desires. 

We at GetPaisaOnline inform you about the sure fire ways that can earn you quick bucks with the least amount of efforts.

So get ready for the ride of a lifetime, where being broke is a thing of the past, and your dreams are merely some clicks away. 

Kindly note that while Getpaisaonline.com only documents and distributes information about the various ways to earn a passive income.

Our Vision

To collate the best and most effective passive income strategies that benefits you in the long run so that you finally get to break-through the 9-5 cycle. 

Our Mission

We doggedly are on the lookout for everything online that has or ever had the potential to earn you a quick buck or two. When compounded, every penny counts. Every day you earn a buck more than expected, you are a buck closer to fulfilling your dreams than you were yesterday. And with GetPaisaOnline by your side, its literally only a matter of time.