AgoraPulse — No Better Place to Track Social Performance

Social media isn’t easy for brands, but a decent, reliable, and feature-rich management can go a long way in releasing some of the burdens on marketing teams. A good platform will also save you money, by giving you helpful insights on what works and what doesn’t. So, on that note, let us thoroughly review AgoraPulse — a new-age social media management platform.

What is AgoraPulse?

AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that helps businesses better understand their social media fans and followers, which ensures meaningful engagement and better customer acquisition. It is great for small as well as large enterprises and comes with social media scheduling, monitoring, and analytics features to help businesses utilize digital marketing possibilities efficiently and grow traffic.

AgoraPulse allows you to start creating campaigns on leading social sites, monitor audience responses, interact with them, and track analytics to customize your promotional strategies. Like all the leading social media management platforms, AgoraPlulse also monitors user interactions and responds to their queries as quickly as possible. It has great customer support as well. You can reach out to them through email, live chat, or phone.

Best features of AgoraPulse

These are a few of the features that we liked on AgoraPulse:

  1. Scheduling

Post scheduling is pretty basic for a social media management platform, but some companies end up overcomplicating it. AgoraPulse is an exception; it makes scheduling really easy. You also get to preview the post as it will appear once published on the social platform. There’s also an option to change the thumbnail that will appear on the post if you’re including a link in the message. After editing the post, you have the option to publish it now, queue it into your schedule, or manually set the time and date for publishing.

  1. Social Listening

Marketers know how important keywords are for their brands. AgoraPulse’s Social Listening feature helps you find out who is talking about your brand on social media. You’ll need to create a search by identifying the words and phrases the tool will hunt down on your desired social media platforms. Once the search is created, the tool will gather the social media content that mentions the words and phrases you included in the search.

  1. Power Reports

Power Reports on AgoraPulse give you a bird’s eye view of your brand’s social media performance. There are different types of reports; the Content report helps you see which posts received the most engagement, while the Community Management report shows you which team members performed the best according to the number of replies, reviewed, and deleted items made over a period. The Competitors report, meanwhile, compares the performance of your social channels against similar social media.

Pros and Cons:

Here’s a breakdown of the good and not-so-good features of AgoraPulse:


  • Visually appealing web interface.
  • Multiple ways to view social media performance.
  • Adding users on social profiles.
  • Easy to duplicate posts.


  • The mobile app could be better.
  • Inability to publish multiple photos to Instagram in one post.
  • Premium plans are too expensive.

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