Get Paid To Watch TV

Always Paying To Watch TV? Now, Get Paid To Watch TV

In the current scenario, there is a lot of time for you to sit back and watch TV and after a point, you might get tired of doing that too. Well, that is what lockdowns and quarantines have led us to. You spend hours in front of screen, irrespective of whether you are working (from home, obviously) or are hunting for a new job online. When the economy of the world seems to be in a dicey spot, all hope is not lost for you. 

You can rely on passive income to get you through these tough times. We get it, you are wondering how is it possible to earn money by watching something. Aren’t you supposed to pay to watch generally? What if we told you that there is a way you can earn money by watching TV, instead of having to pay to watch it?

Interesting offer, right?

Make watching TV your side hustle 

  • Download Viggle

Viggle is a free mobile app that works like a loyalty rewards program. You have to just use Viggle to earn points for watching some of your favourite shows. You earn one point per minute for each show you watch. These points can then be redeemed. With Viggle, the more you watch, the more you win and there are many of your favourite Television shows on Viggle. You can even listen to music on Viggle, therefore making it the ultimate entertainment platform which rewards you more and more you stay on it. 

  • Blog about a show or make a YouTube channel to review shows

People nowadays don’t have time to explore shows. That is why trending shows trend all the more, because people hook on to hypes. What if you happen to be the trendsetter? When you review new shows through blogs or a YouTube channel, you offer value, thereby generating passive income for yourself. You do not need a degree to be a critic these days. If you know your content well and if you know what you are talking about, your reviews hold water. In the long run, as more and more people watch or read your reviews and agree to it, you will notice your viewership or readership increasing. This way, you will gain credibility and grow as a reviewer. If you do it well enough, you might even be hired to be a professional critic. 

  • Becoming a Netflix tagger

Not many of us know about the Netflix tagger concept. It is an interesting job where all you have to do is sit back and watch Netflix media and tag each video with one or more keywords, like comedy, drama, etc. This makes it easier for users to filter out their shows or movies based on their moods. For example, if you are watching something funny on Netflix, like “Get Smart” or “Friends”, you know it is a funny show, right? All you got to do as a tagger is tag those shows as comedies. If you watch “IT”, it is obviously Horror. That is all you got to do and you actually get paid for it. This works amazingly well for those who love Netflix and who are otherwise too afraid to try logging on with other sites for earning through viewing. 

  • Join the Neilsen family

Neilsen is a very household name in America and therefore any reservations you hold about the authenticity of this company vanishes immediately. Neilsen is the driving force behind all ratings figures you see for TV shows and movies. The amazing thing is that you can become a part of this as well. How? Well, one way is to get to the Neilsen Digital Voice and join the panel. The rewards aren’t super massive but enough to get some extra bucks. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to win $1000 every month. The other way is the traditional route where fate plays a big role. Neilsen families are chosen at random across the nation so if you are lucky, you might be chosen to be one of the 40,000 homes that are monitored. 

  • You can take up Mystery shopping

This is a shopping era and there are various kinds of shopping you can opt for. One of them is mystery shopping. You actually get paid to go to the movie theatre and check out the latest movies. Could you imagine that you can get paid for something for which you otherwise pay? One of the biggest names in the mystery shopping fraternity is VeriTes. They look for independent contractors across states and you can also check out other sites like CFA or Imyst. The only catch is, you actually have to pay attention to what is being shown to you and you have to report the experience. Right from the purchase of the tickets to the customer service and the quality of the snacks, you get report on everything. You can then file your report to claim your earnings. 

Parting thoughts

These are some of the ways you could actually make money by watching things. And while that may have been impossible a couple of years ago, it is absolutely possible now. While all your life you paid to watch thing online, the era of digitization is upon us, where you can get paid to watch things, and some people say this is just the beginning of innovative passive income sources. 

Passive income is a great way of adding on to your capital and have your surplus increasing year after year. The compounding effect of steadily rising surplus actually does your financial status a world of good. All financial success stories speak highly of incremental, gradual growth. 

All you got to do now is either hook on to the ideas we’ve posted above or find newer ways to earn passive income by watching online content, now that you know it is possible. 

Happy watching!

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