Get Paid To Watch TV

Always Paying To Watch TV? Now, Get Paid To Watch TV

In the current scenario, there is a lot of time for you to sit back and watch TV and after a point, you might get tired of doing that too. Well, that is what lockdowns and quarantines have led us to. However, what if we told you that there is a way you can earn money by watching TV, instead of having to pay to watch it?

Interesting proposition, right?

Make watching TV your side hustle.

  • Download Viggle

Viggle is a free mobile app that works like a loyalty rewards program. You have to just use Viggle to earn points for watching some of your favourite shows. You earn one point per minute for each show you watch. These points can then be redeemed.

  • Blog about a show or make a YouTube channel to review shows

People nowadays don’t have time to explore shows. That is why trending shows trend all the more, because people hook on to hypes. What if you happen to be the trendsetter? When you review new shows through blogs or a YouTube channel, you offer value, thereby generating passive income for yourself.

  • Becoming a Netflix tagger

Not many of us know about the Netflix tagger concept. It is an interesting job where all you have to do is sit back and watch Netflix media and tag each video with one or more keywords, like comedy, drama, etc. This makes it easier for users to filter out their shows or movies based on their moods.

Parting thoughts

There are various ways of earning passive income through watching TV, however for starters, you can follow the above-mentioned guidelines.

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