Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime in the USA

Switching to Amazon Prime may seem like an added cost at the outset, but when you really evaluate it well, the amount of savings on services you make will just blow your mind. Here are some of the benefits of switching to Amazon Prime.

Shipping benefits

Quicker deliveries on eligible items is a key benefit of  Amazon Prime. With this, you can get certain items anywhere between 48 hours to 2 hours from the time of placing an order. But what if I am not in a rush to get the product? Well, no worries. Amazon has your back there too. You can opt for No-Rush deliveries and earn reward points for future purchases.

Streaming benefits

With Amazon Prime, users get unlimited streaming  of movies and TV episodes for as long as your membership with Prime lasts. You also get free access to Prime Music where the latest of songs are merely a click away.

Shopping Benefits

Amazon Prime store card is a prime scheme available which offers 5% off on any purchase you make throughout the year and also offers exclusive financing options that make purchases simpler and easier.

Prime wardrobe is another offer which allows Prime members to try clothes before you buy from eligible brands that range across women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, shoes and accessories.


The cost of Amazon Prime membership in USA stands to be $119 per year.

Those who wish to go monthly on their membership can opt for a $12.99 per month option as well.

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