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Best Paid Online Surveys Websites to Earn

Survey websites are the best digital platform to earn some extra money with very little effort and time put into it. Most of these websites provide registration for free and pay a person for their opinion by the completion of surveys. The earning can differ in amount and can be paid in real cash through a  payment portal or reward points that can be redeemed and gifts and services. All of these depend on different websites and their policies. Then again, it is better to be warned about fake survey websites that dupe people.

Surveys help create the base for launching new products for businesses and hence it’s a lucrative win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e. the website, companies, and the paid survey contributor. The following are the best websites for taking surveys, giving opinions, and getting paid for it: –

1.Swagbucks: Anyone can register for free on this website, get a bonus of $5 for starting up. The website pays people who take surveys, watch videos, advertisements through a cashback, and gift card options. PayPal is used as a mode of cash payment and $25 has been set as the threshold to start getting paid in cash here. Gift cards are given out to people who have already earned $3 which is a lower threshold.

2.Prize Rebel: It is one of the most lucrative sites for earning some extra income. People can register and take surveys, take part in contests, and earn real cash and gift cards. One needs to earn $5 before getting paid through PayPal. Moreover, the website transfers money directly to bank accounts also in 24 hours.

3.Inbox Dollars: This survey website has been around for more than ten years. It offers free registration and $5 just for signing up as a member. One can earn around $10 on an average basis and $30 earning is required to withdraw the payments. Searching the web, playing games can also be ways of earning other than taking surveys, on this website.

4.Univox: The website has also got an application and the interface is extremely user friendly. Members are taken only when required. Once someone becomes a member, there is a huge opportunity to invest less time and earn money by taking their surveys. $25 is required to be earned to cash out.

5.Branded Surveys: This website gives an opportunity for members to earn through taking surveys. There is a system of earning points by registering as a member. Moreover, completion of tasks translates to more credits and a higher level of membership. The gradation is done in levels of Bronze, Gold, and Silver. The higher one moves up, the more are the chances of earning credit. PayPal and Gift Cards are the modes of payment for this website.

6.Survey Junkie: This website pays an average of $3 for a survey. It is easy to use and can be a good option for earning extra income. The signup can be done through the Facebook account also. They offer numerous surveys for members to earn a hefty amount. The payment mode that is used to give out the earning is PayPal and also gift cards.

In Conclusion

So there we have the 6 best survey websites, each with a unique proposal, and each has something special to offer to the customer. Online surveys are the ideal passive income for those looking for an easy gig to do when at home or on the go.

If you keep your standards realistic and stick to these well-established survey sites, you should be clear about that. Although there are better ways to make money online, most of them would take more expertise, preparation, and time than taking surveys for money.

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