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Best Ways to Promote a Website for Free

Building a website is a prominent way of telling the world of your existence and your activities including business, skills, services, and much more. Websites are the gateway to your world. There are innumerable paid and free websites on the web world whose target is always to get maximum viewership. Hence promoting the website becomes an essential part of the activity. People who have built a free website need to strategize and plan a framework where the promotion is target-oriented and yet not high on the costs. There are many ways of promoting a website for free and the following are a few of them listed: –

  1. SEO: The SEO, which is search engine optimization is the best way which can get you a viewership. The aim to be ranked higher and be visible in the Google search engine list using the right SEO keywords. Moreover, using SEO techniques and applying phrases, headings, and captions to create website content which can draw the traffic towards it.
  2. Create a Blog: Creating a free blog is easy on Blogger, WordPress, or any of the blogging sites. The content should be visually appealing to attract viewers and related to the website content. Moreover, a blog can also be created as a part of your website. Blogs are a casual way of inviting an audience and hence it is successful also. Regular posting on the blog, being fast with communication, replying to comments increases the popularity of the blogs.
  3. Guest Blogging: This strategy not only helps in getting traffic to your website but also in building industry networks. This includes inviting a guest blogger to write a post on your website so that viewers from guest bloggers website can find out about your website which gets them interested. Moreover, inviting such a guest is essential whose blogs are relevant to your website content.
  4. E-mail: Marketing a website by sending emails is a tried and tested plan which has been successful for years. The email needs to have a brief introduction to the content of your website, important links to posts, and be a visual treat to catch the attention of the viewer. The lists of email ids need to be collected and it should include people who are influential and are the target audience of the website.
  5. Social Network Ads: The best way to get an audience to your website is through social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All these social network platforms have features that enable users to promote websites through posts and advertisements which is visible on user’s profiles. There are quite a few ways to send an appropriate link to your website through posts and direct messages as well, which acts as a powerful free tool for the promotion of a website.
  6. Collaborations: Collaborating with influencers of social media platforms, industry professionals, and celebrities are important ways of promotion. This collaboration usually helps drive the traffic using the popularity of the collaborating individual and results in getting better visibility for the website. The idea is to turn viewers into dedicated followers.

In Conclusion

No matter what kind of website you have, marketing it would offer you a significant amount of benefit. Particularly if you can do it free of cost. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best ways to advertise your site for free in this post. Place your effort, use the tips we’ve provided and put your website at as many news sources as possible, and you’ll see some amazing results!

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