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BlueHost, GoDaddy, BlueRock – The 5 Best Web Hosting Solutions

You cannot do anything on the Internet without a web hosting solution. Okay, wait! Actually, you can, but it won’t be visible to users online. That means, only you will be able to read everything written on your website, which isn’t what you want… right?

What does web hosting mean?

Web hosting simply means allocating space on a web server. When you host a website on a web server, all the contents of your website, including the images and videos, becomes visible to all the users on the Internet. So in a way, web hosting is like buying a piece of land. The only difference is, you’re doing it on the Internet.

How can you host your website?

To host your website online, you’ll need to contact a web hosting service. They are companies that provide websites access to their servers, which enables websites to then make the contents of their site available to users on the Internet. You can think of them as a landlady or an estate agent, who provides you space to live in.

The best web hosting solutions

Now that you (hopefully) have some idea about web hosting, let us take a look at the best web hosting solutions at your disposal.

1. Bluehost

If running low on budget or are new in the market, go with Bluehost. They have really affordable plans, beginning from as low as ₹366 per month. Cool, right? Their speed is also excellent and new users get a 30-days money back guarantee. Unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certification, and free domain registration for the first year are some of the other top features of Bluehost.

2. Hostinger

With an active user base of more than 3 crores, Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting services in India. It offers a staggering uptime of 99.50%, which helps keep your website in top shape almost throughout the day. As far as its price is concerned, it is even cheaper than Bluehost. THe introductory plan can be availed at ₹229 per month.

3. GoDaddy

Founded in 1997 and based out of Arizona, GoDaddy is hands down among the top three web hosting solutions. It is an excellent option for small businesses and new users, with plans beginning from a mouthwatering ₹99 per month. You can enjoy unmetered bandwidth, 1 free domain, and 100 GB of storage through the introductory plan. There are more premium plans too, and they come with a slew of premium features, like SSL certification, backups and website security.

4. BigRock

Local solutions don’t come any better than this. BigRock is a Mumbai-based web hosting solution that works well for local websites. They have one of the best customer supports, which is great especially if you’re new to websites. However, BigRock’s servers aren’t that great and probably the slowest of the lot.

5. A2 Hosting

Speed is the one thing that you won’t have to worry about with A2 Hosting. It has data centres in Singapore, so the speed in India is excellent. It has a user-friendly interface and easy signup process, although its prices could have been better. Their introductory plan begins at ₹299.42/month, which is substantially more than other web hosting solutions.

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