Buy Local and Sell Online

The trend these days is to earn yourself passive income, which increments your monthly salary and gives you added financial freedom to pursue your heartfelt desires. That being said, the avenues to make passive income stand to be many, and it may discombobulate you, to begin with. 

Online store platforms you can begin with

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading e-store platforms and one of the most popular services out there. It is easy, to begin with, and costs a meager $29 per month fee. This fee includes the charges for your own website, your blog, SSL certificates, social media sales channels, etc. 

  1. Bonanza

This Seattle-based platform is a peppy new outlook to the game of setting up virtual stores. The fee to sell on Bonanza is relatively minimal and is, therefore, a great option for those who are not willing to shell out as much money to set up an e-store. 

  1. Amazon

The ultimate and the biggest seller online, tying up with Amazon comes with assurance and one of the largest customer bases you can imagine. You are likely to catch more eyes here than anywhere else. 

In conclusion

Pairing up with these giants is sure to give your business a boost. This is a great way to make money online in your area that you can get either for free or for really cheap prices. Then, with your platform, you can sell them online. It generally is a hit idea as many people hunt through thrift stores and find rare collectibles and vintage goods to be resold online. 

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