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Chingari Launches Digital Talent Hunt With Prize Money Of ₹1 Crore

Short videos are all the hype these days, and ever since TikTok – the short video giant got banned in India, there have been several opportunistic enterprises out there wishing to fill in the vacuum and ensure they monetize video content the way TikTok once did.

Lately, one such short video company named Chingari has tried to fill in the boots using innovative incentives to lure audiences in. With a hefty monetary benefit, things do get infinitely more interesting and that is just the right strategy Chingari is about to use.

Chingari the short video app has launched the Chingari Stars: Talent ka Mahasangram – a competition that is the nation’s first-ever digital talent hunt show where the most innovative content creator will be awarded prize money of ₹1 Crore.

Not just that, the best content creators from each state will win ₹5 lakhs for their videos made on the short video app that is made in India. however, it goes without saying that the winners will get an immense amount of fame and nationwide recognition as an obvious by-product.

How can one participate in the video content on Chingari?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to be a part of the video content and get in the race for winning the staggering price money.

  1. Download the Chingari App on the Google Play Store or on the iOS store and create your own account on the video platform.
  2. Choose your preferred category in which you would be uploading your videos. There is a wide range of categories Chingari possesses, right from dances to songs, acts, mimics, stand-up, and several other expressive innovations.
  3. Once you have chosen your category, upload your best video. It has to be perfectly well-rehearsed and well-timed. Chingari offers you a 15-60 seconds window to wrap up your activity within, thereby making it a consumable nugget of content for viewers nationwide.
  4. Share your video link with friends and family so that they get a chance to appreciate your video mastery
  5. You can even ask your friends to download the Chingari app and ask them to follow you as that would give your video a boost and the larger your following, the better your chances of winning the prize money.
  6. Once your video has performed well, the top 10 contestants will be shortlisted and they will get a chance to compete for ₹5 lakh prize money which can be won by contestants at a state-level.
  7. State winners will then get a chance to upload three more videos on the Chingari app
  8. The contestants will get to vote appeal on videos that are uploaded and these vote appeals will be broadcasted on news channels both national and even regional.
  9. After a meticulous live count of votes, Chingari will announce the winner at a national level.

In conclusion

Video content never got more rewarding than this. So if you feel you can make entertaining videos for the people out there, get on the bandwagon and get shooting – your chance at nationwide fame is just a minute away.

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