Coding courses online 2021

In the internet era, if you do not know the basics of coding, you are not speaking the language of the 21st century. In today’s day and age, it has become crucial for one to know and understand the basics of coding. There seems to be no surprise why young parents these days are enrolling their children for coding classes at ages as tender as 6.

With the onset of the pandemic, the world has understood the potential of online learning. But not every online course out there offers quality, and at the end of it all, the student might just feel underwhelmed.

So, to cut to the chase right away, here is a list of online classes for coding that will enable you to make a better decision about your journey towards masterclass coding!

Let’s dive right in.

Online courses for Coding

  1. Coursera
    With a wide range of courses available, Coursera has grown to be a household name in a seemingly short span of time. Coursera offers students of all ages a perfect blend of specializations and degrees and access to faculties that could only be, up until this point, dreamt of. Coursera offers a wide range of coding-specific courses like Web design, basics of web design, coding by the University of Michigan, and even advanced courses like IBM’s course in Applied AI with Deep Learning.
    Price: starts from free
    Trial: 7 days
    Certification: Course specific
  2. Pluralsight
    When you set out to find tools to dig into, Pluralsight is one of the best you will find out there. The Pluralsight website has much more to offer than just fancy aesthetics on its homepage. It offers courses like Python, Ruby, Java, HTML, C++, Software development, ITS Ops, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, etc.
    Price: starts from $29 onwards (₹2,200 Approx)
    Trial: 10 days
    Certification: Yes
  3. Free CodeCamp
    If you are out there looking for a way to scoop up some coding 101 but you also may have gone overboard with Starbucks this month leaving only pennies jingling in your pockets. Nothing to fret about. Free CodeCamp offers free sessions on a wide array of topics like JavaScript, Python, front-end developing, APIs, microservices, coding interview preps, and much more.
    Price: Free
    Trial: Not available
    Certification:  Yes
  4. Shaw Academy
    Shaw Academy has been around the block for a while now, and therefore the courses it offers are reasonably priced high quality, and student-friendly. They offer courses on topics like web design, web development, mobile app development, coding for young kids, etc.
    They also help you with creating your first app, as well as making a site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    Price: From $49.99 per month (₹3,700 approx)
    Trial: 28 days
    Certification: Yes
  5. Skillshare
    A very popular website among learners of all ages, SkillShare is where all the magic happens. On SkillShare, one will find experts from practically every walk of life (yes, there are sessions conducted by Lilly Singh as well). SkillShare primarily is a subscription-based service that offers thousands of courses including coding.
    Price: Starts from free
    Trial: 7 days
    Certification: Yes.
  6. Udemy
    A brand new household name, Udemy has established itself as one of the leading giants of e-learning and shows immense potential for the years to come. Udemy prides itself on the widest range of coding courses it offers.
    Price: Python Bootcamp – ₹455/-
    Trial: 7 days
    Certification: Yes
  7. UpGrad
    Many of us think that education lasts only till that time till one secures a degree. UpGrad intends to change that notion. It wishes to inspire people to be lifelong learners and to always ensure that learning never stops. UpGrad offers advanced coding and Python courses and certification in Machine Learning and Cloud. Their Advanced Certification and Machine Learning course are certified by IIT Madras.
    Price: ₹6,319
    Duration: 12 months course
    Certification: Yes
  8. CodingNinja
    If you are a young parent and have realized that your kid has an inclination towards all things tech, then you can trust CodingNinja to enable your child to master coding like a ninja masters stealth. CodingNinja offers some of the widest ranges of Coding courses including Python and HTML.
    Price: begins from ₹8,920/-
    Duration: Depending on the nature of the course
    Certification: Yes
  9. CodeVidhya
    Closer to the subcontinent, CodeVidhya is the Indian solution to learning to code online. With affordable pricing options and a wide range of courses available, the student gets spoilt for choice. In the years to come, CodeVidhya shows immense promise and aims to teach the language of the 21st century to as many students as possible.
    Price: ₹6,000 for 8 hours
    Duration: depends on the course opted for
    Certification: Yes.
  10. WhiteHatJr
    Instantly on the radar in the last few years, WhiteHatJr has made an indelible mark on the e-learning portfolio. With affordable courses and expertise provided at each step, you can rest assured that your learning is taken care of by the experts.
    Price: ₹5999 for 8 classes
    Duration: depends upon the course opted for
    Certification: Yes.

Summing it up

While the world catches up with coding as a language, make sure you do not miss out on your dreams of being a top-notch coder. These courses mentioned up above will help you get closer to your dreams.

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