CRED: Best App to Pay Credit Card Bills

CRED is an application that can be used to make credit card payments from cards of varied banks from one platform. This application is the brainchild of Freecharge founder Kunal Shah and hence is touted to be one of the most credible and trusted platforms. CRED was developed with a view to making the payment making the procedure a smooth one without a glitch. This is also because delayed credit card payments usually translate into the chance of lowering one’s credit scores. Hence this application has been designed so that no one who is a user of CRED ever misses a credit card payment date. The consolidation of credit cards from different banks under one umbrella makes the process free of hassles also.

This application has some restrictions on its usage. People who have got more than a credit score of 750 are the ones who are allowed in as their registered users. The idea behind this is that CRED wants a reputable and credible user base and caters to the ones who are creditworthy. Anyone who has got a credit score below 750 can wait for a better score and add CRED to the Wishlist the application. Despite the screening process for registration, the application has become hugely popular with 5 million downloads and 333,00 reviews. These facts point out to the fact that the application has been successful in catering to the right need and hence been successful in tapping into the market.


  1. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore. The registration process includes scanning of the credit cards of the prospective user to get the details of credit score especially Experian or CRIF which will in turn determine whether the user is eligible to be registered on the application or not. The credit score needs more than 750 to be able to register for the application.
  2. The application has an innovative feature that is AI-based that helps simplify the credit card statement into simple understandable categories. Often, people do not go through the entire credit card statement, have little information about their own ‘hidden charges’, in the apprehension of not understanding much of it. This gap is filled by the CRED application which has made the process simple and transparent.
  3. The registered user of this application not only gets to make a payment on bills for various credit card companies but also rewards them with redeemable points. These ‘points’ can be earned each time the user makes a credit card repayment on its bill. An accumulated reward point can be redeemable with gifts and vouchers mentioned and listed by the application. This is one of the best features as well as a popular one. Rewards also help attract a better number of the user base. It’s a sort of encouragement to pay the monthly credit card bills on time to earn better reward points.
  4. A user gets constant reminders to pay the credit card statement bill on the prescribed date of the month. This helps the user in better management of the credit card and credit score as well.

In Conclusion

Even though we have applications (like Paytm) to pay credit card bills, there have been restrictions on them in a number of ways, but hardly any of them has offered a premium feel or benefit.

Cred is a free app that requires space on your smartphone. If you’re already paying your credit card bills, why don’t you make any cashback and benefits in return?

CRED addresses all this with a new look, a quick and easy-to-use design, a rewards system, and on top of that – a premium network that has the additional benefit of getting access to some cool redemption offers much as above.

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