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Display Ads and how to make money with it

If you are interested in writing blogs and generally have a good way with words, then it is a no-brainer as to what really makes you money. It is all the efforts and creativity you put into it, but it also is a bunch of ads you allow to be displayed on your blogs.

Bloggers all around the world know that displaying ads on one’s blog or website is the highway to making money online. 

How to go about with it?
  • You sign up with a specific network of your choice, where you wish to upload your blogs
  • You add a certain code that the network provides you to your website
  • You just sit back then and watch ads begin to appear on your website
  • Every time a visitor clicks on the advert popping on your website, you make money

The process is so lucid and easy to figure out, that it turns out to be the best way for beginners to make money through their online presence. 

Some of the best Display ad networks to get you started:
  1. AdSense
  2. Media.Net
  3. Monumetric
  4. AdThrive
In conclusion

There are a lot of revenue generating options out there for those looking out for some passive income. In the end, some extra cash on hand without much effort adds to the overall value of life and would even help you get closer to all that you want in life.

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