Amazon Reselling

Does Reselling On Amazon Work?

E-commerce to a modern Indian can be compared to getting groceries; it’s that necessary because more often than not one ends up getting the groceries from there, that’s how we’ve incorporated the use of an e-commerce website or an application on a daily basis but on the contrary for the old India it’s still in its initial days of being explored, it’s still a genie out of the lamp. 

Over the years specifically, after it’s an introduction in the year 2007 where the products being sold were just limited to that of books, with a very niche audience to cater towards from that to now, it’s been quite a digitalization of our country.

One such E-commerce joint Amazon started its operations in India after seeing other e-commerce succeeding in the year 2013. What Amazon did was to revolutionize retail marketing, it wasn’t just limited to stores now, people having the most essential resources could even in the most rural part of the country with an internet connection end up making a decent amount of money to sustain. 

Reselling has its own set of problems, problems as trivial as managing vendors and small scale manufacturers, with the growing demands there’s a  problem of growing prices as-well to deal with, the profit margins are something that varies every month. Also, resellers living in urban India face a massive problem of competition with thousands of resellers selling the same product catering to the same audience. What Amazon has provided is the opportunity and as with the game growing there’s also a massive surge of the customer base and their dependency on e-commerce, it’s for the individual to see what works for them, to answer the bigger question “ Does reselling on amazon works?” It definitely does, but it’s also a bit dependent on the product and the competition for the product.

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