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Earn money by Listening to Podcasts

There is something very new that I recently discovered. I would quickly want to tell you about it today. So, there is a that can help you earn money, by just listening to the Podcast. Isn’t it exciting? It is called Podcoin.

PS: Do not think that I am given compensation to post this review. I am just sharing it across to all the Podcast listeners out there to help them with their interests.

Want to know how it works?

You get a chance to earn 1 Podcoin, for every 10-mPodcastodcast you listen to. On an average of up to 6 hours of Podcast is something that you can listen per day. I am a multitasker, and I can listen to the Podcast at the time when I am cooking, working, driving, or exercising. You can earn 1.5 Podcoin per 10 minutes, each day as there will be a category of bonus podcasts.

·It takes less time to earn good Podcoins for redeeming the rewards. The withdrawal that appears to be a minimum is about 1200 Podcoins that is equivalent to a $2 gift card of Amazon. Other options include donating to charities for the homeless, provision of food for hungry people, safe and clean water and books for education, among many others.

On & Off, I have been using this app. You may take a call about this gratification being delayed for a reward that is small and makes not worth it. I can completely understand that, but for me earning some dollars every month is more than I used to make before I had started using the app since I anyway listen to Podcasts every day, then why not make money out of it.

So, are you all charged up to start up your earning by your learning? Get the app downloaded on your iPhone or your Android.

Ready to start earning for your listening? Download the app for Android or iPhone!

I was grateful to find all my favourite podcasts on this platform and could also discover a few new ones through their feature of social connection. You can know more about it here.  I am someone who is all ready to find passive sources for my income to save it for my travel. It is more than a blessing to earn with something you already do on a daily basis.

Hope you also, enjoy this sourcing on learning and earning just like I do.

I hope you enjoy earning money through listening as much as I have been.

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