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Earn Money by Reading Books

Are you a book lover? Or an Avid Reader? Are you someone who loves to spend most of your leisure time only reading books? Have you ever come across an opportunity where it says that you can get paid for reading the books?

Yes! This is true. 

Isn’t that an exciting thing for a person like you, who loves reading?

Let’s check it out!

I can help you with a list of a few websites, where you can easily earn money by reading books and writing reviews on them.

Here is my research that will help you with the websites to ready books and earn money. But before you just come across those sites, let me tell you that the money you will make out of it can only be part-time earnings for you and not a full-time one.

So the list goes this way,

1. OnlineBookClub:

The site allows you to pick a book of your choice, post your honest review whether a positive or a negative one. The company will consider genuine reviews and reward you for a valid review. The good news is, for your first attempt, you get a free book. You get to start earning after your first approval on the review. There are no charges for the registration or to become a reviewer. 

Expected earning: around $50 – $60 per valid review.

2. BookBrowse:

If your choice of books is mysteries, fiction, and non-fiction, then this is just the right place for you. You need to share a few sample reviews of 300 words approximately on the website; once your review samples get approved, you can start your work for them.

3. AnySubjectBooks:

This company doesn’t expect to get a long-term commitment from you, but just your clear reviews. The model of working is on a book-by-book basis considering factors like word count and a few other specifications.

Other opportunities that they have for you are formatting for the book cover, creative designing and much more.

4. Proofreading:

The authors are ready to get proofreaders onboard as there is a demand for independent proofreaders. Overall, no specific requirements needed. There are many openings at many sites.

Here comes a new opportunity, self- publication authors lookout for such people to do proofreading. The job of the person is to read the books and figure out the mistakes and errors in it. If you think you are good to go with it, then you can apply for it.

There is a good demand for proofreaders, and there are many authors who are already on a lookout for proofreaders. There are many sites with such openings you must visit them.

5. Content Editing:

To be precise, the editing of the content does not involve any guide. The general intent is conceptual, writing style, content, and organization, and are the focus areas. Luckily, if you are someone who loves to read, then try to edit the content. There are many specific fields in which you can apply.

Basically, technical experience is a mandate in this field. One should be able to have basic knowledge of inserting links, inserting images.

Earning around $30 per hour is easily possible.

There are no guidelines to content editing, the intent is just the style of writing, content, and to achieve a conceptual objective are the areas of focus.

If you are someone who loves to read, then you can try to edit the content. Here, you are required to have essential technical experience in this field. The knowledge of having inserting images and links are needed here.

$30 / hour of earning is possible.

6. Blog or Vlog Book Review

For a blog reviewer, you should be aware of some components, i.e. knowing how to compare a story or to bring out the errors and to figure out the benefits of the items along with some points. Product review writing is one of the best things that you can do. You need to know the selection of the items.

You can start your earning according to the valid reviews you give. One of the fantastic ways to start your earning is to get hired by a personal blogger or a company. This process will not only help people to fulfil their requirement but will also act as your source of income.

7. Women’s Review of Books:

The books for women’s review deal with poetry, fiction and non- fiction and much more.

The company does not have any friends, colleagues or relatives working with them. They have a motto “A world that is good for women is good for everyone’’. The organization is women-centric with the vision of women’s and girls’ well-being.

8. Book Summary Business:

One of the best ways to ear for reading books is by writing a book summary. Summarising something that is already written or heard is the work to be done.

Udemy and getAbstract are some of the websites that deal with this process. You can always try and enrol yourself for such free courses that these companies provide. You can finish the course and start your career as a book summarizer.

9. Kirkus Media:

Handling of fiction, thrillers, non-fiction and mysteries are done by Kirkus media. People who have efficiencies for Spanish and English language are taken. The standard of reviews is mandated to be followed here. The reviewer has to gather around 350 words in two weeks.

Here, we can conclude that there are many areas in book reading where you can quickly start to earn money, located in any part of the world.

In case you are already earning well, and now on a lookout for home-based work, you can try out this category. Experience is always required here, but with experience, it also gets you earning.

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