Email Marketing

Earn Passive Income Through Email Marketing

Yeah, we can understand. It is pestering to receive marketing emails, again and again, clogging your inbox and making you sift through for emails that actually matter. However, what if we told you that if you happen to be on the other end of these emails, you could actually be making money through it, while you also contribute to making these mails a whole less corny. 

Here’s how you can make money by email marketing

  • You can sell something: if you have a small business of your own, you could sell it off email marketing. If you are not sure what you can sell online, you can sell anything from e-books, to training guides and online courses, private virtual coachings and workshops. 
  • Sell other people’s products: you could put a word out that you can market other people’s products through email. On an affiliate basis, you would get commissions from businesses that tend to profit from your email marketing. 
  • Upsell existing products: while email marketing can be a great boost to small businesses, nobody said you cannot upsell already popular products. You can upsell someone’s coaching session or workshops through email marketing. 

Parting thoughts

Email marketing would need a fair share of research about it. And since it is a dynamic process, it would need you to constantly be abreast with the latest happenings. However, if you do it well enough, the amount of money you could make through commissions depending on the sales you make will astound you. 

Well, nobody can say no to an extra set of cash, right?

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