Electrician – Jobs in USA

Electrician Jobs in USA

Always thought that a job opportunity abroad would be rewarding? Thought that there are endless lucrative offers out there, waiting to match the exact skill set you offer? Well, there’s good news for you if you are a Maintenance Electrician. 

Acuity One, one of the leading companies in Philadelphia, USA is on the hunt for an efficient and experienced Maintenance Electrician. 

Scope of work

If you are keen on applying for a position at Acuity One, here is what may be some good-to-know information. 

The position primarily necessitates you to be effective at troubleshooting and identifying the exact root cause of issues, repairing them or replacing faulty or defunct parts, rewiring, and/or installing necessary electrical goods. 

 The crucial role that a Maintenance Electrician has to fulfill is that they have to ensure all work is being performed in compliance with local and international standards and codes. This job also entails immediate communication with the Maintenance Manager in case there is any problem or concern beyond the Electrician’s control. 

The Maintenance Electrician also has to maintain an inventory of all instruments, electrical or electronic parts. 

Qualifications needed

The applicant would have to have proper educational training and/or certification in electronics. There also has to be extensive experience in the field of electronics, electrical wiring, and instrument or electronic or electrical troubleshooting. Finding the root of the problem is a must-have skill set.

The applicant also should have sufficient knowledge in MS-Office, and should also share an undying zest to learn new software applications. For more information on the same, click here