Affiliate Marketing

Everything You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

One of the first means of making money online, affiliate marketing has been around the digital corners for quite a while now. But many are still unaware of what affiliate marketing really is, and how it helps in the long run. 

For those in the unknown, you have landed at the right place to understand affiliate marketing. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically is this platform where sales are undertaken with multiple stakeholders into the equation. Long story short, it is a portal where smaller brands make some profits from the sales they make for bigger brands on a commission basis. The amount of the commission is usually pre-agreed by both – the seller and the partner – before the transactions go operational. 

How does Affiliate Marketing basically work?

If you intend to reap healthy benefits from affiliate marketing, you need to know what the process is and how it really works. 

To understand the functionality of affiliate marketing, suppose there happens to be an XYZ company. Quite obviously, it has its own website for selling products online.  But then, XYZ is not really content with the customer base it has. So the natural course of order is to cast a wider net. 

In order to increase customer base, XYZ starts partnering with a program where there is a pre-agreement regarding the payment of a commission for certain sales achieved through independent vendors. Vendors (like bloggers and various other digital marketing professionals) sign up for this program, endorse XYZs links on their portals and that’s it. 

Once a certain sales target is met, XYZ pays the independent vendor as per the pre-agreed commission. 

This way, all win. 

Flipkart’s Affiliate Program: 

Flipkart has a lucrative affiliate program and its own set of tools that make it increasingly easier for people to rent out digital real estate on their websites. Flipkart prides itself on its wide range of tools to suit several business models and offers simple banners, widgets, and several other tools to make listings supremely easy for website owners and bloggers. 

Flipkart also offers API services that allow blog site owners and website owners to discover product catalogues and amazing functionality which will help in monetizing websites all the more. 

Flipkart’s affiliate program is a great way to delve into the realms of passive income, and trusting Flipkart’s policy on affiliate programming can boost your income steadily on an upward curve. 

Amazon’s Affiliate Program:

Amazon has been a pioneer in the affiliate program initiatives and therefore packs in a whole lot of trust and ease of business, as they have been doing this for decades now. The fundamentals here are simple: Join-Recommend-Earn. 

Once you, as a blogger or website owner, sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program, you get to access tools and aids that Amazon offers. This way, you get to display ads and widgets on your pages and viewers get a direct link for things you are speaking about. 

This recommendation policy benefits not only the customer but also Amazon as a company and as a reward, you get paid 10% of the price as affiliate fees on qualifying purchases. These rates are competitively the best in the market and have been helping people create passive income empires for quite a while now. 

In conclusion

For those looking to build up a steady flow of passive income without having to slog too hard would find affiliate marketing to be really useful. It is flexible and easily accessible, and most of all, it provides revenue without you having to particularly go out of the way. 

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