FRAPP: Money Earning App For Students

FRAPP is an application dedicated to finding internships and missions from top brands to earn experience, stipend, certificates, rewards, and coupons. This is one of the very few applications for internships in India and hence hugely popular with students. Students are often short on cash and struggle to keep up with expenses in daily life. Also, the need for the experience of work as an intern in the industry makes a student look for good opportunities of the same kind and earn a stipend as well. This app caters perfectly to this need of the students by not only smoothening the process of internships but also finding tasks that are called ‘missions’ in collaboration with certain reputed brands in the industry.

The app bridges the gap between the students and industry by accumulating enough information and creating networks of job opportunities, internships, and missions for fulfilling the zeal to earn money while studying in colleges or institutes. Missions are given by brands which include tasks like being a social media influencer, microblogging, completing gigs, etc which translates into the student earning reward points, coupons, and experience also. There are several other features in the app which makes the life of a student, a little more organized and well-managed.


1.The registration process is very simple and without much hassles. The student has to download the app and fill out the information needed for registration. This includes the phone number of the student to be the need for entering and using the app. One might be asked for a referral code that can be had from friends, and family, or the internet. The use of a referral code usually gives one a reward or a coupon to the student which is redeemable. After the completion of the registration process, one can immediately dive into the world of internships, jobs, and missions.

2.A student can start by searching for internships, micro jobs, and missions from this app. All postings about opportunities have details like duration, description and at times the income. This helps the students get clarity on the opportunities. After the decision is taken, a student can directly apply for the internships and missions through the app itself. The application is then reviewed and then after being selected, one can immediately start the work and also start earning. The process is without any hurdles and the best part is getting all the information about internships from all over the country, sitting in the comfort of one’s home.

3.The FRAPP app gives the student not only opportunities to work but also earn from completion of the work. The payments are made with cash and gift vouchers through PayTm wallet, vouchers, Amazon gift vouchers, etc. The student can withdraw the payment after a minimum period of 15 days. The money earned can start from a small amount of Rs 10 and can end up in Rs 10,000 depending on the kind of work and the brand that one has chosen to work with.

4.There are several other features in FRAPP which helps in the daily life of a student like an attendance tracker in the app itself. Moreover, the app also helps in letting students join contests for earning vouchers and cash rewards also.

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