Get Paid to Search the Internet

Get Paid to Search the Internet

In the 21st century, web surfing is a common activity. Anything that comes across to you as something you are unaware of, or something you are curious about, you surf it out or, as the cool kids would say, “Google it!”

However, while most of the times we are told that spending too much of your time surfing the web is unacceptable, it might come across as interesting to you to know that you can earn passive income through just surfing the web. 

Here’s how

Several websites and companies who are logged onto the net want to know your browsing habits. These form essential database chunks that further help them device more streamlined surfing experiences to their customers on the whole. 

They may even use this portal to advertise some of their offerings and services in your demographic. 

Some websites you can trust to pay you for surfing

  1. Wonder: you can apply for Wonder online and join their research community. You would basically have to fulfil a trial assignment but that’s about it. Wonder is popular for timely payments through PayPal
  2. Survey Junkie: you can earn cash and even rewards for sharing your thoughts on this portal. You will receive survey questions which you get paid for answering. 
  3. InboxDollars: it is one of the most popular Get-to-paid sites. You will find yourself getting paid for common tasks like watching videos online and basically just searching the web. 
  4. MyPoints: this is a cashback site and offers you benefits on everything you buy on this portal. 
  5. Qmee: this comes with a browser extension and basically monitors your browsing in the background and pays you according to your browsing habits. 

Parting thoughts

These websites are handy platforms to source you with good amounts of passive income. 

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