Get Paid to Snooze with Sleep Studies

Get paid to snooze with sleep studies

The entire goal of passive income is often perceived to be “earning money even while you sleep”. Well, if you thought that was impossible, what follows will astound you every bit. There are companies out there trying to make sleep a wonderful and more fulfilling experience. To achieve the same, they conduct sleep studies which requires volunteers and in return, these volunteers get paid for it. 

Get paid for what? Yes, you heard that right. For sleeping. 

There are nuances to how which part of this industry you could find a spot in, so for your convenience, we are going to enlist some for you. 

  1. Science research

Sleep is an elusive art and since a couple of decades has been a core matter for science to look into. Science has been interested in the short term and long term effects of sleep and hence conducts studies for the same. If you volunteer for a science research, you might just get some stipends coming your way. 

  1. Bed and Mattress tester

There are many mattress and bed companies that wish to offer maximum comfort to their customers. To aid with the same, these companies call in for testers to check the quality of the bed or mattress and give appropriate feedback. 

  1. Shape and form monitoring

There are many companies that monitor sleep shape and form and how an average person sleeps. There are scientific studies conducted on the same. To make those happen, they need volunteers. This is when you step in. You get paid a steady stipend for your cooperation. 

In conclusion

For all the times your elders have reprimanded you for sleeping extra, telling you that sleeping extra amounts to no good, well, here’s your time to shine. 

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