Earn from Alexa

How Alexa Skills can actually earn you some handy money?

There you are, turning your lights dim and changing songs to your mood through mere voice commands with Alexa and it fascinates you. While that is fun, you know where it really gets better? It’s when Alexa holds the key to some extra cash. 

Wonder how? 

The future is quite typical here. All you really need to activate appliances in your house is just your voice. 

How can you monetize something that’s just an appliance?

While Alexa might feel like just an appliance, it is more than just that. Alexa basically allows users to interact with apps that are synched with it. It lets users control hardware, games and various other appliances like smart bulbs, etc with just your voice. 

If you are a developer, here’s how you can generate revenue from this. 

  1. Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills
    Amazon Pay essentially allows merchants to connect with existing merchant accounts through a dedicated Amazon Skill. It does this through enabling voice-controlled purchasing and voice payment options. 
  2. In-skill purchases (ISP)
    Nothing in this futuristic world comes free. ISP allows developers to sell access to various premium features – either as a one-time purchase or even through an on-going subscription. 
  3. Alexa Developer Rewards
    Alexa, though an ultra-modern concept, is still a work-in-progress. Every month, Amazon rewards developers with money for displaying skills that have enhanced customer engagement considerably. 
  4. Amazon Alexa Prize
    Amazon constantly runs prizes that encourage developers to naturalise the human-computer interaction and make it more seamless. 
In conclusion

These are just some of the ways you can actually make some money through Alexa. Thought you could never have passive income coming in through Alexa? Now you know better. 

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