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How Designing T-shirts can help you make Passive Income?

You have a knack for fashionable t-shirts and impulsive cringe when you see a really bad design. You have a benevolent idea – one where all the people in the world dress better or at least not wear cringe-invoking colour combinations. 

You clearly are a creative mind and maybe are not cut for entering data into excel sheets all day and night just to get your food on the table; quite like the most exquisite fabric, you are cut for much better in life. 

Designing t-shirts is an interesting passive income opportunity to look into. And if you have what it takes to design the most breath-taking designs, you will never run out of money. 

Here’s how you can Design T-shirts as a Passive Income Strategy

  • Start your own website

You can start your own website where you can display your design. Make your designs innovative and funky. And most importantly, understand your audience. A majority of youth go for t-shirts as the first choice in casual outfits. Bank on this metric while you design your t-shirts. 

  • Purchase merchandising rights

Get in touch with leading PR agencies from around the world from whom you can purchase merchandising rights. This would save you from copyrighting issues and also widen your horizon when it comes to designing tees. And in the end, nobody would really say no to their favourite fandom t-shirt.  

  • Advertising and marketing

Use social media and even old-school advertising to get people talking about your brand. Once the sales happen steadily, all you got to do is get in touch with t-shirt printers, find out your printing costs, and know your profit margin. 

Covering it up

T-shirts are a funky business model that does not take up much of your time and if you are really passionate about it then it won’t bother you if it does either. As your business picks up, all you would have to do is kick back your feet and relax and watch your business make you money even while you sleep.

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