Drop Rewards

How Drop rewards can be a passive income source for you?

If your job does not seem to suffice your needs, looking elsewhere for passive income sources might be the right thing to do. After all, who would mind some extra cash on hand, right?

To further this trend, Drop – a loyalty programme, makes it easier for you to venture into passive income strategies. 

How does Drop work?

Drop is a loyalty programme that requires you to earn points using your debit or credit cards. There are specific partners associated with Drop like Sephora, Starbucks, Uber and Whole Food Market. 

It is free to join the programme and it allows you to earn money through a reward programme for every penny you spend online. Considering how the digital trend has, quite practically, taken over all aspects of shopping, you would notice that three out of five things you shop for, you shop online. 

Main advantages of Drop

With Drop, you get rewarded on almost everything you shop for. It could be food, travel or just plain shopping, there is always some reward awaiting you. With every purchase you make, you earn points. The points accumulate fast and redeeming them also is a no-hassle procedure. 

In case you are wondering, then yes. The points you earn are as good as money in your digital wallet. You can spend them at any of the associated brands and get freebies with ease like never before. 

Parting thought

Cash back offers never got easier than this. If gaining passive income has been on your mind, get Drop and shop!

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