Extra Money from Kindle

How Kindle can help you make some extra money

If reading is what you really are passionate about, then this passive income source might be exhilarating to you. As far as passive income sources go, there is always some amount of extra effort you would have to put in to make the extra amount. 

However, with Kindle, things get easier. As they always do!

How can you make money on Kindle?

Kindle is a reading platform for readers all over the world. The whole ideology of Kindle is to make reading trendier again. And if you are a budding author in the making, and wish to get out of the rut that is your day job, then this might just be what you are looking for. 

Unlike traditional publishing procedures, Kindle is considerably cheap. Once you have written a book (which may be a task in itself, but something you would wholeheartedly be invested in), you can get it edited and proofread by outsourcing it. 

Once you have the final go-ahead about your book, you get to publish it online. 

The proceedings from the sales you generate, if your book is priced at a modest $2.99 to $9.99 then Amazon keeps a mere 30% of each sale. However, if your book is priced over this threshold, then Amazon keeps 70% of the sales you generate. 

In conclusion

For those into the writing business, this serves as a heads-up. Passive income never got easier than this. All you need is a thorough compilation of merely 50-70 pages and if it’s good enough, there is no limit to how much you’d make from this. 

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