Money from Non Display Ads

How non-display ads can make you handy money

In the era of consumerism, the more you have the better it is. And who does not like freebies, right? But then again, everything comes for a price, right? 

Actually, no. Passive income doesn’t. 

And non-display ads may just be that one source of money where it doesn’t cost you much but you still end up making some really handy money. 

But before we get to money matters, let’s understand what non-display ads are.

Non-display ads

Non-display ads, basically is that real estate on the internet which belongs solely to you and unlike others, you are not sharing it with any advertiser. The only condition that comes with non-display ads is that you would have to disclose the presence of these ads carefully in your privacy policy. 

These ads are basically advertisers retargeting scripts on your site. These retargeting are invisible to the visitors but these basically allow other companies to potentially market to that niche of audience who is interested in your content either on Facebook or other social media platforms. 

The Pros to non-display ads is that there are set prices for placing non-display ads on your site and that you have control over which advertiser gets to use non-display ads on your site. 

However the downside to it is that you have to be really careful about disclosing the name of the advertiser in your Privacy policy. 

In conclusion

With the non-display ads in the picture, your audiences will get a comprehensive access to your content without bugging pop-ups and your advertisers also get to benefit from your site and you are getting paid and garnering traction – which is an absolute win-win for you.

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