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How to Become a Virtual Assistant to Earn Money?

A person who works by providing support through his online services and working remotely is a virtual assistant.

To become a virtual assistant you require no professional degree. However, you must be aware of the kind of job you are applying for and basic knowledge about the category.

Giving an example, you should have the knowledge of basics for working on a computer, in case you want to become a Virtual general assistant.

Three levels of hiring a Virtual Assistant are-

  • Basic
  • Specialist
  • Expert.

There are different kinds of work for a VA to do and there is no limit to it .General/Administrative Virtual 

1. General/Administrative VA:

Administrative VAs are similar to office secretaries. The mandatory requirement here is good management of time, having a command on the language preferably English

2. Digital Marketing VA

Suppose you are someone who handles the online marketing presence or the campaigns of the organization.  You have to be ingenious about what to be done and what not to be done marketing online.

3. Programming VA

As a programming VA, you will have to work on a mobile application or a website. You can have a good start with a startup company for optimizing their presence online.

4. Design VA

A designer VA is supposed to make the website of the company a user-friendly one. Your selection for the role can be on the basis of your graphic design.

5. Writing Assistant

A writing assistant can be accountable for any type of content writing, It can also be a data entry work. So, ensure to get things clarified as per your experience and pricing offered.

6. Video/ Audio editing assistant

An editor of such type is accountable for making amazing video or audio. Be it addition of music in the background or removal of sound, it is all done by a video/ audio editor.

7. Financial VA

These kind of VA’s are responsible for looking after the financial assistance for the company or personal transactions, this is because some of the founders are unable to get some time to look after their finances.

The income of the VA’s varies from person to person and profession to profession. The income can be low or high and that is situational. If you are starting your career as a VA, you need to focus more on gaining knowledge and experience. As money is something that will come with time and experience.

Earnings of a VA differ in between $10 to $30 on an average per hour. It can sometimes be even more than this. But when you start your journey as a virtual assistant, your focus should be more on gathering expertise, knowledge, and areas of improvement for your growth. Money comes with expertise.

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