Youtube Copyright Strike

How to Deal With Youtube Copyright Strike?

Copyright is a legal term used to denote the right of the creator of intellectual property to use and copy the content in whatever manner he so wishes. It relates to artists and authors having a right over their creation. Any violation results in infringement and is punishable by law in all countries. YouTube being a video-sharing website has got people uploading all kinds of videos, from music to films.

Hence, there remains a high possibility of misuse of intellectual property rights of creators. YouTube is cautious about this and takes steps to stop such infringement. The creators have to know the policies of violation and the solution to the situation if it is evoked.


  1. A copyright claim can be invoked by anyone who has genuine legitimate rights over the content used by someone else on YouTube. The copyright owner can send a complete and valid legal request to YouTube to remove the video. After considering the claim, YouTube takes the necessary steps to stop the infringement of intellectual property rights by another creator who is not the owner of it.
  2. If such a copyright claim has been invoked, YouTube sends the necessary details of infringement, takes down the video, and puts a copyright strike on the video. The first copyright strike acts as a warning and one needs to follow the guidelines to be taken. But three copyright strikes might result in termination of the channel itself, removal of all videos, and any associated channels, and one cannot create another new channel.
  3. Copyrights strike affects the monetization of the channel. Moreover, if the channel is in a YouTube partner program, then an extra 7 days would be given to the creator after three copyright strikes so that one can access the contents and look towards resolution.


  1. After the first copyright right one needs to go through the Copyright School where information and awareness would be disseminated about guidelines, rules, and regulations on copyright.
  2. YouTube partner program enrolled creators can seek a proper resolution through a counter-notification, within 7 days of the third strike.
  3. A content creator may take the help of the concept of “Fair Use” where one puts a disclaimer on the channel or video page giving credit to the original creator and notifying about the use of the content.
  4. A content creator who plans to use the original copyright content of someone else can seek permission from them directly. It does not take a tedious process to do this. All one needs to do is approach the original creator with an official letter explaining the usage of the content. Permission to use copyrighted content is more than enough to do away with the issues.
  5. If a content creator gets strikes, the best solution lies in resolving the issue with the owner of the copyrighted content. One can offer to share proceeds from the monetization or work out a profitable plan for the original content owner.
  6. A content creator can also seek for a retraction of the complaint from the copyright owner.
  7. If there was an anomaly in the complaint like a mistake or misidentification, one can put through a counter-notification to YouTube and seek a resolution and reinstatement of the videos.

In Conclusion

YouTube is a successful video marketing media because it operates in the best interest of both its members and viewers. To continue profiting from its unprecedented success, it behooves you to be aware of copyright issues and prevent strikes that can temporarily curtail your business development.

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