Stock Trading

How to do stock trading in India?

Investments in India are taken pretty seriously. Considering the fact a majority of the people here fall in the economic Middle class, investments are seen as a long term benefit for those who have major expenses coming up in a couple of decades, like a child’s future education, child’s marriage expenses, so on. 

But what about those who need to make a quick buck? Maybe just quickly increase your surplus?

If you have that aspiration, then stock trading is just the chance you are looking for. 

The process of Trading

The process of stock trading is actually quite simple: when you buy a share using your trading account, your money is essentially transferred out of your bank account and then the share is transferred into your Demat account. The share is an asset and can be sold when the market seems to be in your favour. 

When you sell your share, the amount is transferred into your Demat account into the Share market. The money therefore resulting from such a transaction reflects in your bank account thereby increasing your surplus even more. 

Word of caution

The returns in stock trading are high but so are the risks. You could lose all your surplus and even dig into your personal savings and that is definitely something you do not want. 

In order to protect yourselves from the evils of a fluctuating market, it is vitally important that you learn trading terms like IP, portfolio, spread, volume, yield, index, volatility, etc. 

You can even read up on financial websites or join forums to get a better understanding of the market situation before you put in your hard-earned money. The market is there to reward your research, not your gamble.

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