Drive Organic Traffic to your Blog

How to drive organic traffic to your blog?

When you have a blog, you start it with the idea of dispensing information – putting something out there that you learned and wish for others to learn too. Noble as your thought may be, sometimes, certain blog sites fail to garner as many eyeballs. Vengeful bloggers then resort to hack to increase viewership but these often affect the ranking of the blog site, thereby being counterproductive overall.

The best way (and the hardest way) to fetch readers is organically. 

In case you have spent far too many nights wondering how to generate organic traffic, here are some tips that might help. 

Tips to drive organic traffic to your blog

  1. Focus on your readers

Readers will only come to your site when you have good content. This will happen when you spend more efforts making reader-friendly content, as opposed to trying to please search engines. 

  1. Consistency is the key

In the virtual world, consistency goes a long way. Organic traffic is generated much better if the Content creator is regular. This adds credibility to the blog site. 

  1. Keyword usage

You have to be really smart about this one. Google is all about solving problems. If you happen to find out a problem that people are searching answers for, and you have those answers, make sure you use those search words as keywords in your blog. It will help search engines to pull out your content every time someone searches for the problem you mentioned.

  1. Spruce up the website

Everyone loves being on a clean and proper website. Make sure you add a meta title and URL and URL description to your blog, to basically add more authenticity. 

  1. Use links

Never hesitate in using internal links. If you have a blog piece as a solution to one of the pre-existing problems, then use that link in your current file. This will keep your audiences more engaged. 

In conclusion

These tips may seem subtle but these are actually sure-fire ways in which you can actually generate organic traffic. 

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