Amazon Mechanical Turk

How to earn from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

If you too are on the lookout for making money in your free time, then here is an interesting proposition for you. You can become an Amazon Mechanical Turk or an MTurk worker and you can start offering your skills to a vast plethora of tasks in the MTurk marketplace. 

What is MTurk?

MTurk basically is a platform where requestors post seemingly boring jobs called “Human Intelligence Tasks” or HITs which workers can complete for a small sum of cash in return. 

These HITs essentially are tasks that computers and advanced algorithms are ill-equipped to handle. These include a wide spectrum of tasks ranging from psychological surveys to the processing and categorization of images as NSFW. 

What does it take?

The jobs that come with being an MTurk are menial, as compared to the skills you possess. So the time you put into doing work is quite less but the returns do feel rewarding at the end of the month. 

Expert MTurks say that most of the tasks are actually fillers by nature. It is just filling in the empty time slots of your schedule. The time you could well be wasting throughout your day could now earn you money by doing menial tasks online.

How does one become an MTurk?

You can apply to become an MTurk after going through this website: You can associate yourself with the company by hitting on the “Get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk” button at the end of the site.

In conclusion

Earning passive income through the skills you already possess might bring your retirement plans closer to fruition than you could have imagined. After all, who says no to some extra cash on hand at the end of every month, right?

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