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How to Earn Money as Bug Bounty Hunter

You might have come across tales of people being acknowledged out of the blues to having detected a bug on some social media platform. They become overnight success stories. Well, let’s just say, they just happened to find the needle in the haystack that nobody was looking for. 

If you have any experience with computer skills and are curious in finding vulnerabilities, you too can earn passive income by being a bug bounty hunter. 

How to become a bug bounty hunter?

  1. Quality over quantity

Understand that it is not the number of bugs you report but the kind of bug. If the bug you found is causing no real harm to the website, then well, you can afford to skip it. If you notice, most of the reported bugs that have changed people’s lives are the ones that posed serious threats to the website. 

  1. Give and take respect

When you submit quality bugs, you start gaining respect for yourself. However, when you have found a certain bounty bug, refrain from negotiating on the price of the bug. All you got to do is be communicative and reasonable and in the long run, it’ll pay off. 

  1. Know your game

You will never spot bugs ergo earn passive income if you do not know to spot bugs. For that, you need to be thorough with your skills. Have fluent understanding of protocols like IP, TCP, HTTP and take web programming courses. 

Wrapping this up

When you invest time into debugging websites as a part-time gig, you earn not just passive income but a reputation for yourself as a master tech person, and that is quite an achievement by itself. 

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