Selling Codes or Plugins Online

How to Get Selling Codes or Plugins Online?

Selling codes can be a very simple and yet highly rewarding passive income strategy. However, that happens only if you are aware of the few rules that govern the sales of online codes and plugins. 

Here’s a quick guide on how you can go about selling codes and plugins online: 

  • Create marketable plugins or codes:

The simplest rule of selling something is to make it marketable. Make sure that you endorse the value of what your code or plugin offers. Basically, how easier would their lives be if they use your codes or plugins?

  • Create a product page:

To build credibility, you have to first have a legitimate online presence. Nobody wants to buy something from a shady looking online presence. The product page is where your customers will get to know the details of the plugin you offer and garner more trust by offering money-back guarantee, etc. 

  • Respond to queries and concerns regularly:

Gaining trust comes from being present consistently. It is the core of good service. The sooner you respond to queries, the more credible your site becomes and the more credible your site is, the more codes of plugins you sell. 

  • Provide an address too

Customers are more likely to trust your brand if they know where exactly you originate from. If you have details of your company on your site, along with contact details and business address, you set up more trust breadcrumbs for customers to follow and reach to a place of reliance on you. 

Take away from this

If you are looking to sell plugins or codes online, following these tips will get you leverage and, if you know enough business you’d know that starting with a vantage point is really the best way to begin. 

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