Building Android or iOS App

How to go about Building Android or iOS apps for passive income?

This is the digital era. This is where anything that can be accessed by a Smartphone and that can offer value will be accessed. Statistics suggest that in 2017, more than 430 million mobile apps were sold and over 350 million of them use Android devices. 

There is impeccable potential in creating a smart phone application. In 2015, the revenues generated by apps were at $69 billion and it is expected to increase to a whopping $188 billion by 2020. 

If the 9-5 rat race has you tired and weary, here are some ways where you can make money selling apps, even while you sleep. 

  1. Research your competition

In order to understand where to begin, you need to see how others are doing it. Can you figure out missing functionalities and what would better user experience? Also, can you provide more value than existing apps? You begin answering these questions and sooner than you know, you have a structure to begin with. 

  1. Do not complicate it. Simplify. 

The more details you add in your app, the more complicated and less user-friendly it gets. Begin with a simple idea and then work on the development and design. Your app design could be something as simple as showing pictures of art pieces and asking customers to bid for it or putting antiques on display for customers to merely rate it. 

  1. Consider your design

Your design is the most crucial element of your app. if it does not look simplistic and easy to use your customers will simply not like it and perhaps not come back to it. That is precisely what you don’t want. Focus on just two things: Easy UI and value delivered. 

In conclusion

It gets really complicated in a competitive market to strike it big. But, then again, it was David who beat Goliath, right? 

Simplicity always wins. 

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