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How to Grow a Business Using LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals across the globe. It has got more than 600 million professionals its users. It is the digital hub of businesses and independent professionals for networking and liaising within the community for the right exposure, opportunities, and growth of a business. Hence it provides the ideal platform for advertisement and getting noticed for business investment, collaboration, and expansion.

 Relevant Facts: –

  1. Target audience: The people on LinkedIn are all professionals and present there for the furtherance of their career and business expansion. Hence the users are more aware, educated, and niche audiences as compared to other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. A user campaigner on this website can also take the help of LinkedIn Member Demographics to reach the right audience.
  2. Prospects of a Campaign: If the advertising is done in a strategized manner to reach the right audience, it can result in getting partnerships, investors, collaborations, etc. This platform is not the ideal place for e-commerce to sell and buy any product. The B2B prospects are much higher her. Also, more business can be generated if the focus of the campaign is on skill development.
  3. LinkedIn Campaign Tools: The website provides features like Campaign Manager to set up an advertising campaign. It is customizable according to the need of the campaign and the target audience. There are two types of paid campaigns, and they are self-service campaign and managed campaigns. The managed campaigns are usually supervised by a LinkedIn campaign expert team assisting the user to reach campaign goals.
  4. Connections: The networking base should be strong and influential. The people or connections that one has on their LinkedIn profile is of immense importance because they are the professionals who are the prospective consumer or clients. It is pertinent to remember that most professionals on the website are also decision-makers for their business houses and adding them as connections are highly beneficial for creating an advertorial audience who is also influential and can help in the expansion of one’s business.

Types of Ads

  1. Sponsored Content: This kind of ad content can be shared as a ‘feed’ on the homepage with photos and videos relating to the campaign. It can be seen by anyone but is especially meant for LinkedIn connections.
  2. Sponsored Email: This feature helps directly communicating and sending ad campaigns to the target audience profile as a private message. It can contain visuals and texts describing the goal of the campaign.

In Conclusion

LinkedIn is a great advertising platform to use if you want to get your website in front of a B2B audience. Now that you know the basics, there’s nothing standing between you and starting your first campaign. Create your first campaign, monitor the results, and make improvements until you have achieved the desired efficiency. You might come to find that LinkedIn ads are just what you need to develop your business!

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