Income through Audiobooks

How to make Passive income through Audiobooks?

We all love reading, don’t we? That’s precisely one of the reasons why you are on this article right now. And there is no denying the fact that we still love stories being read out to us. Isn’t that why Audiobooks are popular these days?

What if we told you that there is a way to make some extra money through Audiobooks?

What about Audiobooks can make you money?

Audiobooks is all about reading out a book to someone. And that someone happens to be any person who downloads this format of the book. What ends up being a profitable and a revenue-generating avenue is the narrator bit. 

The Audiobook market is currently booming and there is scope for you if you feel you narrate well. 

How can reading books pay you?

Yeah, we get it. It is astounding to know that reading something can pay you. Perhaps you have done it for free for your child, for your niece and nephews or maybe even your neighbours. 

When you narrate someone else’s book, you might probably get paid at an hourly basis, depending on the final product you turn in. If you are a newcomer, you can make roughly $100 per finished book in the first few projects. 

When you narrate your own book, you can take the option of narrating your own content. This opens up the avenue more so, because  that would mean that the sales end up directly in your pockets and it is recurring too. 

In conclusion

When you narrate audiobooks, it opens up definite avenues of revenue-generation and hence, your passive income woes are rested for good eventually.

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