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How to Register a Domain Name for Your Business?

A domain name is a gateway to your endeavor on the internet. It is like a unique identity card that is used to search the presence of a website on the world wide web. It is the first activity that needs to be done if you start to plan to build a website.

Moreover, a domain name creates the first impression on a viewer whenever he or she comes across the website. It also has the potential to attract traffic and generate good business for the website. Hence keeping an attractive or quirky name to create curiosity and interest in the minds of the viewers.

Registering Buisiness Domain :

  1. Thinking of an interesting domain that suits the purpose or the content of your website is very important. It incurs a lot of interest amongst viewers which are translated into traffic. It is also important to think of a unique domain that is easy to remember. This helps is quick recollection and immediate accessibility for the viewers.
  2. A domain name needs to be search friendly on the internet to be noticed amongst every new website that is coming up every day. The competition is quite high and using search engine optimization words, which are also related to the content of the website or the business, helps in the growing viewership of the website. It is important to do research before obtaining the domain name in this regard.
  3. It is also important to make a decision on which web hosting site the registration needs to be made. There are several web hosting sites like,, etc.
  4. The domain name needs to be checked for asserting whether there is another domain with the same name. The existence of two similar domain names is not only confusing but also might result in the infringement of trademark policies.
  5. More than .in, .au,.org, etc, it is still the .com which is more popular and also denotes a commercial aspect to the website. It is the most popular domain name system that is searched across the internet. Hence, if it is a commercial venture then using .com in the domain will upgrade the chances of being found easily by visitors.
  6. The next step is to find out if the domain can be bought. The availability depends on the earlier registration of a similar domain name. It is then that the decision needs to be taken to change, considering  the presence of a website of the same domain name
  7. The selection of an extension with the domain name is an essential step as it signifies the purpose for which the website is being built.
  8. The prices of the different web hosting sites offering to register domain names need to be compared to take a financially viable decision.
  9. If the availability and the price conform to the decision of buying a domain name, one needs to pay through a payment gateway or bank transfer once and keep renewing it every year as is mentioned at the web hosting site.

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