Make Money from Swagbucks

How you can make money through online activities

Portals like Swagbucks provide a good source of passive income for those aiming for earlier retirement, having more capital, or just enjoying the luxuries that having more spending power brings in. 

There however is a fine line between easy money and big money, and portals like Swagbucks bring you easy money for sure. With portals in the likeness of Swagbucks, you can practically make money through simpler things in life which you do for free anyway – like watching a video, completing a survey, etc. 

Here’s how Swagbucks makes you money: 

  1. Simply surfing: When you set your default browser as Swagbucks, you end up gathering points on their browser. 
  2. Watching videos: you can even earn points by simply watching videos, which, by the way, you used to pay for in the form of subscriptions, etc. 
  3. Downloading: You can even earn points by downloading, installing and even opening certain specific apps on your phone or tablet. These options are often available on apps that have partnered with Swagbucks and other such portals. 
  4. Completing surveys: for the longest time, you did these for free. This benefitted multinational companies to gather data but gave you nothing in return. Now, with portals like Swagbucks, you can make quick money by taking such surveys. 
  5. Shop online: Shopping online usually costs you money. But now, you can actually make money with crazy cashback  

Parting thought

If you thought to make money in this day and age meant for you to hold a day job only, then you could not have been more mistaken. With portals like Swagbucks, passive income is a relatively easier matter. 

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