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How you can sell photos online and make money?

Framing scenes from day-to-day life is a knack we all hold. We all like to take pictures and add them to the unending reservoir of memories we all like to revisit time and again. What if this knack of yours could earn you some money?

Stock photos are used by advertising and media companies all around the world. You never know what kind of a need arises for them. By putting out little snippets from your everyday life out, you provide multinational companies an image that could turn out to be the perfect fit for an advertising campaign. 

Where can I sell photos online?

  • On your own Site

You could start your own website and market it in a manner that makes it pretty evident that all pictures on your website are up for sale. This way, you can set your own price, you would not have to pay any commission, and you have 100% control over how your images are being displayed and how often.

  • Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the biggest players in the stock photo market. The platform has been around for over a decade now and holds the prestige of being one of the earliest landing sites for stock imagery. Uploading your images here would be a good platform to begin with.

  • Shutterstock

Another website that has been in the stock image business for over a decade, Shutterstock has over 200 million images on their site. Shutterstock allows you to keep the copyrights protected, so you get to set the rights on the photos you put up. Shutterstock pays you 20-30% of whatever image you sell and it pays you monthly. 

Parting thoughts

These are just some of the many websites out there that can make you money simply by selling your photos. If you have images that could make you some money, this is your hint towards a passive income. 

Being a shutterbug eventually pays off.

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