Immigrate to Canada from India

Immigrate to Canada from India

Easiest ways to move to Canada

With good opportunities, educational facilities and better healthcare. Canada is rising to be one of the most sought-after countries in the world for a permanent settlement. And why wouldn’t it be so? It has everything that one ideally wants – a better lifestyle, better education, and better facilities altogether. 

 If you too have been planning to move to Canada, here’s how you can do it, quite simplistically. 

Visitor Visa

Networking can help you a long way to bag a job and settle down in Canada. This can be skilfully achieved once you actually get to be there. You can go to Canada on visitor’s visa and while you sight-see, you can establish connections that give you further clarity on the procedure to migrate. You can even search for a job in the meanwhile. Just don’t put it out loud that you are searching for a job. You can merely chat about it and gain information. 

Work permit along with a job offer

Canada runs a Federal Skilled Worker Program which enlists over 300 occupations that can certify you express entrance into Canada. Once you apply for a job there and gain enough work experience, you can actually go ahead and apply for a house eventually. 

Spousal Sponsorship

If you have a romantic connection with someone from Canada, things might just get easier for you. You would need to marry this person in your country of nationality and enter Canada, where the migration office will observe you both for 2 years before finally handing over citizenship to you. You eventually get citizenship and also the love of your life. 

International Experience Canada

How does a Working Holiday sound to you? Yes, it is possible in Canada. You can enter this program and get into Canada on an open job authorization, without even needing a job offer in advance. The benefit of this is, you can actually put to use your holiday work experience to bag a permanent gig. 

Study Permit

The most viable option stands to enter Canada as a student. You would have to network a lot after your classes to get an idea of how to go about getting a stay permit after your course is over, but it is not impossible once you get to live there. 

Start a business

If you have start-up plans and have the capital for it, you can go to Canada even without a job offer. You can start an organization in Canada and you will receive ample support from the Government there. 

Establish Trade agreements

You could move to Canada on the basis of Intra-company transfers. It means your company needs to have affiliations or an existing branch in Canada. Once you have that, you can drop in a request to your company authorities about your desire to move, and based on your performance in the company and its requirements in Canada, you might get a chance.

Parting thoughts

Things will have its own share of complications, especially when you are trying to relocate. But you have to bear this in mind that once you have all your documentation and ideas in place, a welcoming country like Canada will always welcome you with arms wide open.