IndiaLends Review – Borrow up to ₹2 lakh But Pay High Interest

The personal loan space is rapidly evolving in India, thanks to the birth of digital instant loan platforms. These platforms connect a group of lenders with a set of borrowers through intuitive technology. Instant Loan apps are quickly processed by the system, which considers a list of parameters to determine the borrowers’ credibility. In this article, we’re going to review IndiaLends — one of the premier digital lending and borrowing platforms in the country.

What is IndiaLends?

Founded in 2014 and based out of Gurugram, IndiaLends is a digital lending and borrowing marketplace platform that provides unsecured consumer lending. Its platform connects consumers and small businesses with financial institutions and provides data analytics and risk scoring services, enabling customers to access an efficient and affordable lending process. Since its inception, the company has raised a total of $20.2 million from investors, with its valuation increasing every day.

IndiaLends Instant Loan App

IndiaLends offers many products through its mobile application, but its instant personal loans are especially popular. Borrowers with little to no credit history can avail small to large ticket personal loans without collateral. While the interest rate is definitely higher as compared to banks, IndiaLends makes up for it with a paperless application process, quick disbursal, and convenient repayment options.

Best features:

Here is our take on the best features of the IndiaLends Instant Loan app:

  1. Loan amounts rising up to ₹2 lakh

Many digital lending and borrowing platforms offer a restricted line of credit. IndiaLends is an exception, though. Borrowers can avail of loans starting from ₹15,000 and going right up to ₹2 lakh. It is left up to the borrowers to decide how much cash they want.

  1. Pre-qualified offers

Like many banks, IndiaLends also sends out pre-qualified offers for borrowers. All they have to do is answer a few basic questions, like their monthly salary, their monthly EMI commitments, and so on. Depending on that, they will be presented with an instant personal loan offer.

  1. Safe to place to lend and borrow money

Security is hard to come by in the digital age. IndiaLends guarantees that your information is safe with them. The lending and borrowing process takes place on their secure platform, so your money is completely safe.

  1. Borrowing is easy for low-income individuals

Low-income individuals have a hard time getting loans. Banks have strict eligibility criteria, and it is hard to just pass them. IndiaLends ensures this underserved category has access to credit by making it easy for anyone to qualify for a loan. Individuals having a monthly salary of ₹15,000 and above can avail of loans from the platform. The same goes for self-employed individuals.

Pros and Cons:

Let us go further and look at the pros and cons of the IndiaLends Instant Loan app:


  • Access to instant line of credit reaching up to ₹2 lakhs.
  • Lenient eligibility criteria.
  • Fast disbursal, with the money reaching your account within hours.


  • Higher interest as compared to banks.
  • Credit score might get affected if your application is rejected.

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