InstaRupee Review – Affordable Interest Rate, but no Credibility

Calamity can strike any time. It is the essence of life and has enough power to completely alter your situation. But, whether that is for the good or bad, depends entirely on you. From a financial standpoint, loans are the best way to tackle emergencies. Taking out a loan keeps your savings secure, and also helps you steady the ship. Instant loans from lenders like InstaRupee work best in emergencies.

About InstaRupee

InstaRupee is one of the most-used instant loan applications in India. InstaRupee is a mobile application that allows you to avail instant personal loans to meet your immediate needs. Made exclusively for Indian customers, InstaRupee can be used to apply for loans ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹25,000 at very low-interest rates.

You can use the money to fund various kinds of requirements that include but are not limited to a marriage, education, and debt consolidation. It takes only a few minutes to register on the app, following which you can quickly apply for a cash loan. The process is fast, convenient, and a reliable way to obtain credit when needed. Loan applications are safe and confidential, needing only your Aadhaar and PAN card.

What are the best features of InstaRupee?

What makes InstaRupee so good is that it doubles up both as a lender and a mobile application. So, you get the benefits that come with a lender as well as a mobile application. Here are some of the other features that we liked about InstaRupee:

  1. 100% online process

Unlike other state and private lenders who ask for millions (not literally) of copies of your documents, InstaRupee does everything online. The entire process, from applying for a loan to getting the amount in your bank account, is paperless. The convenience that the app offers is really unmatched, and hence, it doesn’t surprise us that it is used by thousands of Indians every day.

  1. Low interest rates

There’s no dearth of instant loan products in the market. Every big NBFC, P2P lender and some private lenders are willing to offer instant loans. However, interest is the big tradeoff. You’ll be asked to pay high interest, which lands you in a never-ending debt cycle. InstaRupee is a good way out, as the lender charges nominal interest that is comparable to some of the biggest banks in the country.

  1. High loan approval rate

Everything said and done, you want your loan application to be processed at the end of the day. There is no point of loan interest and a paperless process if your application keeps getting rejected. This is a major problem with many instant loan applications, but InstaRupee is an exception. The app has a seriously high approval rate, so chances are that if you apply for a loan, your application will be approved.

Pros and Cons:

Read on to know the pros and cons of InstaRupee.


  • Paperless process.
  • High approval rate.
  • Affordable interest rate.


  • The application is currently unavailable on the Google Play Store.

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