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Kotak Securities App Review 2021

Kotak Securities App is an online investment platform that is a part of Kotak Securities Ltd. The company is a branch of the umbrella company Mahindra Bank. The Kotak Securities has been registered with Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Central Depository Services Limited, and National Securities Depository Limited. The company has not only got an online presence through the application but also has got offices across the country for better services.

The Kotak Securities help people in investment and trading in Equity, Mutual Fund, Currency Derivatives, Gold ETF, and IPO. Hence the Kotak Securities app is full of features catering to facilitate trading, investment through easy access, and smooth transaction on the app.

The Kotak Securities App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app is quite popular and has been downloaded more than one million times. The interface is smooth and the features easy to access. The app displays all information from brokerage charges to open an account on it and one can easily do all the activities related to this through the app.

Moreover, the app has been built to provide maximum security with the latest AES 128 bit encryption. The app has different payment modes and has enlisted a number of banks for easy functioning and transactions.


  1. At Kotak Securities app, users can open a 3-in-1 account where the functions and facilities of the Savings account, Demat Account, and the Trading account can be experienced. There can also be separate accounts for Demat and trading. Users can open these account according to their need through the app. The charge for opening a trading account is Rs 750 with no additional  Annual Maintenance Charge, whereas a Demat Account can be opened for free but the Annual Maintenance Charges are at Rs 650 per year.
  2. Moreover, Kotak securities have recently launched free or zero brokerage intraday trading. To avail of this facility, a sum of Rs 999 has to be paid as a subscription fee. Moreover, Rs 20 is charged as a brokerage for Options, MIS, Futures, and Cover Orders, and .25% for commodity and equity delivery. The platform also has a fixed brokerage plan wherein .49% is charged for Futures, Delivery, Equity  Intraday Square off, and Rs 300 for every option. In this kind of brokerage plan, the volume of trade does not affect the brokerage charges. There are other plans like Dynamic Brokerage Plan, Advanced Brokerage Plan, and Kotak Securities  Free Intraday Trading Plan where the brokerage charges, subscription amounts, and volume of trading are different to cater to the specific need of the user.
  3. The Kotak Securities app is equipped to let the users track a trading portfolio and buy and sell through the app. Moreover, the user can get access to live streaming of market performances and updates. The user can do trading in equity while being anywhere in the world through the app. Moreover, the customer support team can easily be reached for help and information on trading and investment.

In Conclusion

Kotak Securities is one of India’s most reputable and reliable brokerage and financial industry brands. Kotak Securities has made innovative advances in investment technologies and provide a variety of online trading tools to its customers.

These software tools are limitless, but they come at an expense. There are a number of undisclosed charges and fees connected with the facilities. Customers typically have concerns about increased costs and penalties. So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy broker and you don’t mind paying a high price for it, Kotak Securities is the perfect option for you.

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