KreditBee Instant Personal Loans: Everything You Need to Know

The instant loan market is growing rapidly, and many companies have introduced instant loan platforms to meet this demand. Today, we will be discussing KreditBee, an online digital lender that facilitates transactions between those who need money with those who have it.

About KreditBee

Founded in May 2018 by Karthikeyan Krishnaswamy, Madhusudan Ekambaram, and Wan Hong, KreditBee is a digital lending platform developed to help young as well as experienced professionals with their personal finances. The Bengaluru-based fintech lending startup has to date raised a total of $153.2 million, with the latest investment coming in the form of ₹60 Cr from SIDBI’s India SME.

Best Features of KreditBee Instant Loan App

After careful review, here are some features that we enjoyed on the KreditBee instant loan app:

  1. Flexible loan amount

KreditBee doesn’t enforce any amount on its borrowers. They have free will to decide how much they want to borrow. The loan amount varies from ₹1000 to ₹2 lakh, and these can be used to meet various personal expenses, such as medical emergency expenses, vacation costs, shopping, home renovation, and wedding.

  1. Will to decide tenure

Borrowers also usually get to decide their loan tenure. This is not the case with most digital lenders, who have the final say when deciding on tenures. KreditBee, however, offers flexible loan tenures, which vary from 2 to 15 months.

  1. Fast approval

KreditBee processes loan applications at great speed. They have a huge team, whose main aim is to process as many applications as they can in a day. This is especially helpful for borrowers stuck in an emergency, as the funds reach their account within a day, or sometimes hours, or filling an application.

  1. Paperless process

Being a digital company, KreditBee has a 100% paperless application process. To avail of a loan, you need to visit the app, apply for a loan, submit your documents, and then wait for approval. The lender will not ask you to submit a physical copy of your documents whatsoever.

  1. E-vouchers

KreditBee is not the only lender in the country. Hundreds of organizations do the same work, and might even give you better terms than the ones offered by KreditBee. The Bengaluru-based lender understands that, which is why it gives borrowers the opportunity to earn vouchers when they avail of loans. KreditBee has partnered with major e-commerce players to reward borrowers with existing gift vouchers.

What is the Interest Rate at KreditBee?

KreditBee’s personal loan interest varies depending on the type of borrower and the type of loan he/she avails. The interest on personal loans for salaried individuals starts from 12.24%, while that for Flexi personal loans ranges from 18% to 29.95%. If you opted for a personal loan for purchasing something online, the interest on it will vary from 0% to 24%.

Pros and Cons:

Here are the pros and cons of availing instant loans from KreditBee:


  • Easy documentation.
  • Fast approval.
  • Flexible terms.


  • The interest is higher for certain types of borrowers.

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