Lazy Pay: Instant Personal Loan Provider

LazyPay is one of the most popular instant loan providing platforms. It is also a part of financial services providing company which has an international presence, called PayU. In this day and age of globalization where time is equal to the value of money, a platform like LazyPay helps to save time by providing AI-based solutions to prospective borrowers whereby they can avail of a credit line that is instantaneous and without any hassles. The best part of the entire process is the smooth operation of document submission which entirely takes place online and saves one from the tedious paperwork that one has to go through in a bank. Moreover, interest rates are not very high and there are quite a number of EMI options fr repayment of the loan.

LazyPay can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. It is quite a popular application and the proof is the number of times it has been downloaded, which stands at a whopping 1 million. It is also a trusted platform when it comes to privacy and security. Moreover, the application not only helps in providing a credit line of a minimum of Rs1000 instantaneously but also is reputed for giving a heft amount of loan to borrowers.


1.The eligibility criteria of applying for an instant loan from LazyPay starts with the minimum age of the prospective borrower as 18yrs. The person has to be a salaried employee or should be self –employed. KYC processing should be done. The minimum monthly income of the person should be Rs30,000. The salaried employee must remain in the current job for 6 months and prove the same through documents.

2.The documents that are required to avail of the instant loan from LazyPay are Identification proof and address proof (AADHAR, Voter Id, Passport, Driving License, and PAN Card), Income proof, Bank statements, and Income Tax returns. These are required to be submitted online along with the LazyPay online application for instant loans of any kind.

3.The interest that is charged on the loan is usually between 15% to 28% on the principal amount of the loan that has been approved. The interest rate also depends on credit scores, age, income, etc. The repayment duration usually ranges from 3months to a maximum of 6 months. Moreover, there is a system in the application, where the credit line spent on the first day to the 15th day has to be repaid by the 18th day of that month and then any amount spent from the credit line between the 16th of a month has to be repaid on the 30th of that very month.

4.The instant credit line that is offered to a person can be of a small amount of Rs 1000. Now, if the borrower earns more than Rs30,000, the loan amount will also be increased depending on the range of salary, credit score, etc. One can easily avail of a hefty amount of Rs 1 lakh from LazyPay as an instant loan.

5.The Customer Care services are quite effective in providing any solution regarding the services. But customer care can only be reached by email. If there is any grievance related to a service, the grievance redressal officer will address it personally after the usual official processes.

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