Locomotive Engineer – Jobs In USA

Always found passion in the railway sector? Something about the railways, its magnificence, and its speed enthralls you every time you work with it? Your passion calls you to Texas, where a leading Petroleum service corporation is seeking to hire a railway switchman or Locomotive Engineer. 

Scope of work

As a locomotive Engineer, here is what awaits you at the job:

  • As a locomotive engineer, one would have to examine the tracklist and basically determine which railcars need to be spotted, or loaded and/or shipped. 
  • The locomotive engineer would also have to be in charge of the proceedings on the designated tracks and the responsibility of separating railcars which would have to be shipped or loaded. 
  • Locomotive Engineer would also have to separate inbound railcards 
  • They would also have to check outbound railcars solely to ensure that the outbound railcars are properly attached. 
  • It would also be in-charge of weighing railcars and making sure that the weight of any railcar does not exceed the designated weight. 

Qualification needed for this job

  • A locomotive engineer would have to have a driver’s license and TWIC card in possession
  • It should be 18 years or older and legally permitted to work in the United States of America. 
  • Should pass a drug screen, physical and verifiable background checks. 
  • And most importantly, I should speak fluent English as much of this job depends on effective communication skills. 

In conclusion

If you are interested in the job proposition listed above, here is where you need to click to know more and even apply