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Make Money By Playing Games

Playing games has been, for decades now, a favorite pastime activity. While some play for entertainment, others play to relieve stress. But one thing cannot be overlooked – playing games need no plausible justification. You simply play it because you want to.

Whether you are waiting in the lobby for an upcoming interview, or you are passing time before you get called in for boarding your flight, there is practically nothing that can keep you away from gaming to beat the boredom.

However, these days, when unemployment is at its peak, gaming seems to have lost its spot. “This is no time to be playing games now” is what you might get to hear if you are spotted shooting some bad guys away.

What if, there was a way to earn money through games?

There are certain gaming applications that pay you money to simply play.

In case you have been a gamer and are willing to make some extra cash, here are some games that will legitimately pay you for just playing.

Interested? Of course you are.

Here we go.

  •  Dream11

    Dream11 caught fame like wildfire and how. This is an eSporting game platform that allows football fans to play fantasy football with as little as ₹100. Over the years, Dream11 has spilled on the most popular game in India – Cricket while the concept remains the same; create your own fantasy league. If you get your game right, you can make unimaginably more than what you put in.
  • Ace2Three

    This gaming platform has over 8 million players. The game is offered by Head Infotech India Pvt and has over 5 lakh installs across the nation. Card games are popular worldwide. However, monetizing the game in India is something that has started to happen lately and people cannot seem to be getting enough of it.
  • Rummy Circle

    Rummy Circle is a 13-card game and is widely popular in India. with more than 10 million people who trust this game, it has grown to be more than just a card game – it is, to many, a source of income now. The biggest prize pool reaches a staggering price tag of ₹4 crores.
  • KhelPlay Rummy

    KhelPlay Rummy is yet another interesting card game that offers players money for getting cards right. it is a popular online game and is played nationwide through its widely popular mobile app. The game is massively popular because of its fast-paced, 10-card variant of the popular Indian card game Rummy.
  • Gamezy

    If cricket is your passion and you can estimate the playing eleven times and again, here is an interesting proposition for you to earn money. Gamezy is a fantasy sporting game where you get to pick the team of your choice and if they make it to the playing eleven on the match day, you make money.

In conclusion

Gaming hardly requires incentivising, but if there are perks to playing it, well, then there’s all the more reason to delve into gaming. The pandemic has ended up locking us in the confines of our homes where the influx of money has slowed down. If gaming can steady sinking ships, then that’s an interesting adventure all by itself, don’t you think?

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