Make Money Through Transcribing

Make Money Through Transcribing

Transcription is a well-paid profession that provides several incentives. In general, a transcriptionist’s wage is approximately $15, and a professional transcriptionist makes from $25 to $30 an hour. At that pace, if you work 2.5 hours a day for 24 days, you will comfortably receive $1,500 per month.

The overall wage for transcriptionists is $15.22 an hour, according to PayScale. You always value the ability to schedule your own hours and have the flexibility to function as little or how much ever you like on a weekly basis. The total average transcriptionists’ income was $35,250 per annum, or around $16.95 an hour, according to the BLS figures announced in 2017.

Variables that would decide the wage of a Transcriptionist

The precise sum of money you ‘d receive to function as a transcriptionist relies on a number of factors. Those contain the following:

  • The business you work with
  • The precise amount of the research you perform, and
  • A velocity and
  • Expertise standard.

This is why an organization that only employs seasoned transcriptionists will pay better than a business that hires fresh ones. Therefore it is best that you take up a less paid job as a transcription novice as it will offer you useful experience, which will allow you to get transcription jobs that would pay better later.


The invitation to a transcription course is the perfect way to develop your transcription abilities. The training should further develop grammar skills, precision, and communication ability. Not only do you get to know the vital skills of being a professional transcriptionist, but you’ll also study the best practices in the industry, which will help you one day launch your own transcription company.

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