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Making Money by Testing Websites

Websites are the virtual markets these days and the potential of business has risen exponentially online. With so much business run online, there are often other websites that get inspired and try to establish their own stronghold in the market. After all, the returns are hefty. 

This brings people from all walks of life to start their own websites, and not all of them happen to be tech-savvy. This is when it becomes good news for you if you are a website tester. 

These days, website testing is in demand, and if you know how to test a website, you might just be the right person for the job. 

Websites that pay you for testing: 

  • UserTesting: 

A ballpark figure for you would be anywhere from $10-$15 for just 20 minutes of work a day on this site. You just got to make sure that you have a PayPal account for the money to reach you. 

  • Enroll: 

This is a development agency that offers money to website testers. It offers you the choice of testing websites from the device you are most comfortable with – phone, desktop, tablet. 

  • TryMyUI:

TryMyUI offers around $10 for a 15-minute task, which is definitely not a bad deal. All you need to do is pass the test to qualify for this and once you do, it is practically cakewalk from there. 

In conclusion

With these three sites to explore, we are sure that there are many more sites out there to offer you money for testing websites. Now that you are aware of another passive income portal, get your research pants on and get going!

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